Dead Space is a community app, created by the same developers as the official Rolling Stones app. Dead Space is the place where lovers of “jam bands” everywhere can join together to share and experience the historic bands that have provided a rich palette of sound, texture, improvisation and a commitment to songcraft and a propensity to draw from a range of traditions including blues, bluegrass, rock, psychedelia and even funk. The Dead Space app was created to bring together “deadheads” and music lovers around the world that are unified by the nimble ears of their millions of receptive listeners. Dead Space is your community app to bring you home to “jam” with your friends and the friends of jam bands everywhere. Dead Space does have a focus toward “everything dead” but Dead Space is a lover of the many jam bands playing music and music across the country. Dead Space is the only place “deadheads” and improvisational “jam band” lovers need to go to post pictures and other content about their love for the great music that the ever evolving energy called “the dead” has provided as well as other inspirational bands such as the Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Widespread Panic.

Your membership to Dead Space App brings you a one stop shop for fan post interaction, full backlog of catalog on music from the bands on Spotify, podcasts, live streams, merchandise, contests and media updates from the outlets that cover the music we love! Jump on the bus via the app on both Google Play and Apple’s App store, share your love for the music and “listen to the music play.”


The term “jam band” is often considered to be the psychedelic sound that was fathered by The Grateful Dead, whose concerts consisted largely of wonderful songwriting with incredible musical improvisation. Dead Space is a lover of “everything dead!” Jam bands often improvise around the chord progressions of pre-composed songs, incorporating variations on recognizable themes, riffs, and rhythms, while allowing for unexpected detours of unpredictable duration. Although The Grateful Dead may be considered “the fathers” of the jam band sound and is the “focused” band of Dead Space App, the sound is diverse and covered by many bands including The Allman Brothers, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, Gov’t Mule, String Cheese Incident, Umphrey’s McGee, Widespread Panic and many others. The philosophy of Dead Space App is, “believe it if you need it and if you don’t just pass it on.” If a member posts about a band you don’t favor, “let it be and move on!” It’s all about the love of music and “being kind!”


We’ve designed Dead Space to be the ONLY app you’ll need to keep up with your favorite jam bands and fellow fans. Share and browse content, interact with the community, stream your garage jam sessions, and follow tour dates – all in one easy-to-use app!


All the best Jam Band content from fans in one place


Dynamic app to take with you on-the-go


Communicate with fellow fans and share stories


Stream your favorite concerts or personal jam sessions


Follow your favorite jam bands and keep up on dates



Dead Space is for lovers of jam bands that have a desire to “be kind.” Dead Space allows no politics, negative memes, offensive language, etc. Dead Space has not been created for corporate advertising and the only expected advertising will be posted by members of the app as well companies selling products oriented toward the world of “jam bands.” It has been proven that users are leaving the large community apps by the thousands due to the inability to simply interact with their friends without the endless politics, hate, advertisements, personal information tracking as well as the fact that the “behemoth” of social media apps uses algorithms that make it difficult for users to even have their posts seen by the predominance of their “friends.” Dead Space is your new home to enjoy social media once again and do it with the millions of music fans that share your love for the world of “jam bands.”
So, get ready to “jam!” Many of these bands are starting their summer tours and we want the thousands and thousands of users that will be joining Dead Space to share pictures of their great experiences at the shows as well as interesting articles and other content about the numerous fantastic jam bands. “Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!”

As the founder of Dead Space, I heard my first Grateful Dead song at the age of 14 and I was hooked! 50 years later and hundreds of jam band concerts later, I am proud to bring the first jam band community app to the public. I can only do it with the ongoing help of the Dead Space community. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime at to give me your suggestions.

“The Kid”


“I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I can follow every band I care about, in a community that loves them as much as me, and I even get interaction on our band’s content!”

– Bryan Toston


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