From the people who brought you the Rolling Stones fan app, we’re proud to announce a brand new app for lovers of Jam Bands!

Dead Space will be a community app for jam band lovers everywhere to share and experience the historic bands that have provided a rich palette of sound, texture, improvisation and a commitment to songcraft and a propensity to draw from a range of traditions including blues, bluegrass, rock, psychedelia and even funk.

The Dead Space app was created to bring together music lovers around the world that are unified by the nimble ears of their millions of receptive listeners. Dead Space is your community app to bring you home to “jam” with your friends and the friends of jam bands everywhere.

We’ve designed Dead Space to be the ONLY app you’ll need to keep up with your favorite jam bands and fellow fans. Share and browse content, interact with the community, stream your garage jam sessions, and follow tour dates – all in one easy-to-use app!

Leading up to launch, if you have ANY questions at all, you can contact us HERE. We’re so excited to share in this community and get to know all our fellow jam band lovers out there!

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